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Author: Thomas Gresch

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PJS-Release baikal-pre1 out.   eisbaer - 2003-01-19 08:16
Polar Jukebox System released on SF   eisbaer - 2001-01-14 16:05

Main - What is the Polar Jukebox System?

The Polar Jukebox System is a set of Perl scripts that allows you to manage a sophisticated jukebox on your linux box. All Software is terminal based, a web-frontend is under development.

The core features are:
  • Riping/encoding of audio CDs (with CDDB support) into the PJS with jrec
  • Easy management of a big CD Collections with jplay
  • Playlistgeneration and -management
  • Automatic playlists (alltime charts, newcomers, rarely played...)
  • Special play modes (random, linear...)
  • Export of CDs to CD-R
  • Database (postgresql) storage of the track and CD information
The reason I started this project is that I always wanted a easy-to-use music collection, and I reached that goal with the PJS. I started programming in late 1998 and kept programming from time to time. Now I think the PJS is ready for the public, even not everything that is possible has been done - but it works!

The PJS runs under the GPL (GNU Public License) an can be installed on computers running Debian GNU/Linux, other distributions are not supported till now, and I still need help for packing the PJS to others dists.

The PJS consists of the following applications:

jplay A pine-like player for the CD's stored in the jukebox. jplay is a user friendly frontend for parts of the PJS with the following features:
Player start-stop, volume control, playlistselection, playlistgeneration, CD listing, status-display and much more.
jrec Transforms the CD in your CD-ROM drive into a bunch of mp3-files and stores the title information (artist, album, songtitle, songlenth...) into the database. The song-information is either fetched automaticly from the CDDB or from the keyboard.
jgetConnects to another PJS via ssh and transfers the remote CD to the local system.
jfuncCommandline-options for the jukebox (newplaylists, start-stop player, volume-control...).
jdelRemoves CD's from the local system.

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