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This page is a member of 'Playgrounds for polar bears'
Author: Thomas Gresch



  • i386 (Intel) or compatible with at least 120 Mhz (!)
  • soundcard (!)
  • CD-ROM
  • Harddisk. (~50 Megs per CD).


All dependencies (except lame) are resolved by the debian-package. I mention this for reasons of completness. Or better: before you write us about something that doesen't work on the PJS, please check if the your jukebox-owner can run the following software:
  • cdparanoia (doesen't work straight away, mostly, permissions of /dev/hdx!)
  • lame (the encoder, dowload it, it's not part of Debian)
  • cdtools (commandline cdtools)
  • postgresql (the database)
  • perl (scripting language)
  • aumix (audio mixer)
  • amp (mp3 decoder)

Optional Stuff

  • Internet connection (so you don't have to type the titles...)

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